Playlist: It’s Bleak Inside the Artist’s Studio


In the interests of sharing AND caring, I’ve put together a playlist of some of the music that’s been keeping me company in my Art Dungeon lately. I’m putting finishing touches on a chapbook that’s due out at the end of this month, but in the meantime please enjoy this musical offering.

Track listing (plus links to where you can–and should–buy the albums):

    1. Dernierè Volonté – “Je Tuerai Qui Tu Voudras:” I’m deeply frustrated by the fact that I can’t tell if this project is still active, but I will remain sustained by this delightfully disaffected interview with Geoffrey D in which the answer to so many questions is “no.” I love him with every sinew of my ossified heart.
    2. Lupi Gladius – “L’elogio Dell’alterità:” more martial pop, this time with accordions. Remember when accordions were a punchline? That’s some misguided shit right there. Accordions forever–they’re mournful and mournful is inherently good.
    3. Ghost – “Cirice:” still love these guys. Still not sorry.
    4. Novo Homo – “Sexual Panzer:” Bain Wolfkind’s mishearing of the name “Sancho Panza” is what led to the writing of this song and now I believe that magic exists in the world.
    5. Electric Wizard – “Time to Die:” you’re not getting out of here without Wizard.
    6. Lychgate – “A Principal on Seclusion:” loud screaming and pipe organs: just reading that, you should either be sold on Lychgate or not. To provide a little more evocation for the curious but stubborn: Lychgate is the soundtrack to being tormented by visions of your sins in the crypt of a Spanish cathedral in the 16th Century. It should therefore surprise no one that this is my runner-up for favorite album of 2015.
    7. Mgła – “Exercises in Futility VI:” so hot right now, but also a very good record.
    8. Eïs – “Im Noktarium:” the second black metal band in a row on this playlist that will force fellow English speakers to Google the pronunciation of the band’s name. I like the Germans–they’ve got melancholy down to a science.
    9. Der Weg einer Freiheit – “Requiem:” I’m still bummed out that their US tour got canceled due to visa issues, but my deep feelings on the shittiness of visa issues have surely been unpacked elsewhere. Listen and be sublimely bummed-out.
    10. Porta Nigra – “Der letzte Ton:” What more can I say about these guys that I haven’t already expressed thoroughly? Superb, intelligent, unorthodox heavy metal that you should listen to over and over again (lord knows I have).