Personal Stuff – Be Back Soon!

Just so’s you know, interpals–I’m going through some tough family stuff right now and as you can probably tell from the lack of updates, I need a bit of a break from my Imperial Duties.

Been spending a lot of time in my Happy Place, which looks a little like this at times:
Any supportive thoughts, amusing anecdotes, and/or general goodwill are welcome and particularly appreciated at the moment.  I will look forward to balancing my Ice Person Girlkaiser humors soon!

11 thoughts on “Personal Stuff – Be Back Soon!”

  1. I’m glad to see all the workers were wearing safety goggles. Now if Home Depot starting using ads like this, their sales would more than double, even in this dark economic times.

    Hope you get all your stuff squared away soon. I’ll miss your wit and wisdom.

  2. come back soon so i can tell you about Santo Vs. The Blob!…

    peace, jeffree

    word verification – “heltyll”. here in Texas, that might be short for “Hell To Ya’ll”, which has nothing to do with this, i suppose…

  3. Family stuff can take a long time (my father died a couple years ago, and I think I’m still mentally spinning my wheels on it), so don’t feel like you have to rush it. It’s not like we’re going anywhere!

  4. So just what, then, are we supposed to watch tonight..? I guess we’ll just have to squat down right here and wait for you to reemerge from the mists…we’ll wait right here…don’t you worry…right here…with no idea what to watch…please come back soon…we need something to watch and a good bunch of reasons to watch it…we’re getting tired of squatting…

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