My Latest Painting (WHAT IS IT?), Blog Call-Outs, & a Bucket of Fuck Yeah

Crispin Glover Watercolor Portrait

The new year found me feeling a bit restless and sort of *stagnant*, but any one of you out there who has any sort of creative impulse (read: pretty much ALL of you) knows it can be a daunting prospect to *actually do art*. So I’ve dipped my wee toes into the watercolor pool again and I’m reasonably pleased with the result. I’ve been on a Crispin Glover kick recently (having exhausted the Helmut Berger kick and taken a break from the Udo Kier kick), and I liked his Richard III look from “What Is It?” Of course my art sk00l professors would be aghast, but I hope some of you dig this piece.

But enough about me–other people are busy sharing excellent info, art and music elsewhere in the web. Let’s discuss!

Confession: Pretty much all I listen to when I write or paint is vintage soundtrack music. I find that these weird musical bits & bobs are highly inspirational without being distracting. Trouble is, it can be difficult (and expensive) to amass a good collection. This makes it a yet more beautiful thing when fellow collectors share the love! Check out El Diabolik’s World of Psychotronic Soundtracks, a blog and podcast that offers some truly delicious nuggets of groovy sonic goodness.
Relatively New Stuff That Is Also Good
Probably my fave Tumblr of the moment is Greggory’s Shock Theatre. It’s run by a person who is my shock/horror/exploitation sensei–this gent introduced me to the joys of lucha libre, encouraged me to seek out horror comix, and helped expand my horizons in terms of foreign genre cinema. [Extra bonus points for attribution & context on the majority of his posts!]

The latest addition to the League of Tana Tea Drinkers is the thoroughly entertaining and edifying Too Much Horror Fiction, Will Errickson’s tribute to horror paperbacks. There’s something here that will please every fan of spookiness, from amazingly lurid paperback cover art to in-depth reviews of off-beat titles. Highly recommended stuff!

Fuck Yeah, Fuck Yeah Blogs!

I’m pretty much endlessly entertained by the idea of Fuck Yeah! blogs, mainly because it seems everything has a Fuck Yeah! blog. There seems to be at least one outrageously enthusiastic fan for every tiny sliver of our culture. Slate covered the topic back in 2009, and these blogs continue to pop up, carefully curated by a legion of obsessive types. Dear obsessive types, fuck yeah to all of you.

Here are a few Fuck Yeah! blogs of special interest to folks who like the sort of thing I write about:

Fuck Yeah Udo Kier

Fuck Yeah Crispin Glover Part the Second [I really hope this doesn’t escalate to the point where it needs to be settled with pistols at dawn]
Fuck Yeah Helmut Berger [yeah, it’s a second round of self-promotion on this blog, but fresh blood has been updating this with stuff I’ve never seen, so re-check it out]
And finally, Fuck Yeah “Street Fighter” with JCVD (cos–damn! I love that movie):

11 thoughts on “My Latest Painting (WHAT IS IT?), Blog Call-Outs, & a Bucket of Fuck Yeah”

  1. I hit a wall on my blogging a while back. Being un-artistic that is my main outlet. I finally got the gumption up. Trying times make even your great loves unappealing.

    I think I was making a Fuck Yeah a week there for a while. Boredom, broadband, and a taste for the strange mixed with Tumblr is a hell of a drug.

  2. Dodo and I had an idea for “Fuck Yeah, Women on Monorails Eating Doughnuts” at lunch, but I’m too lazy to do it myself.

    -Joan Arkham

  3. Ah, Street Fighter. That movie’s awesome, with it’s heavily Belgian accented AMERICAN commando and Raul Julia’s totally awesome performance-giving the kind of Shakespearean depth to a movie that totally didn’t deserve it-(even more surprising considering he was dying)!

  4. Kate, you’re my favorite Fuck-Yeah blog! You always write about the coolest stuff!!

    Hope that doesn’t come off as being too ass-kissy. 🙂
    But where else can I read about Euro-trash movies, weird taxidermy and St. Death?

  5. Darius, sorry to hear that stress is getting in the way of your writing about & finding cool new stuff! I fully understand, and know that I’m patiently awaiting a glorious return to form & joy 🙂

    Now I’m curious where the inspiration came from, Joan! Although between you and Dodo I wouldn’t expect anything other than delightfully bizarre success.

    Joey Zone, I have started tarot decks at least four times in my art-making career, only to lose steam halfway through… the first card. I wish I was kidding! Although an all-Crispin-Glover tarot deck isn’t ENTIRELY unappealing. Hmmmmm…

    Chris, the scene where Raul Julia’s M. Bison has Chun Li captive in his boudoir is one of the greatest parts of the movie! “For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.” PRICELESS! I watch “Street Fighter” every time I catch it on teevee.

    Emily, he’s the finest Belgian example of Americana we have! And I salute him for that 🙂

    Doc M–there sure is! TodF turned me on to that one, and I’m glad I could pass on the joy to you.

    Awesome, DB! I used to watch & love that show. Although the “biddy biddy biddy” robot was mildly annoying to me, even as a kid.

    I love you too, Cranky :} Thanks for saying so, galpal!

  6. Cool painting Kate, but when I first saw it, I thought it was Rick Wakeman from his (in)famous Journey to the Center of the Earth concert (featuring narration by David Hemmings). I actually have a copy of this on CD (I guess I may be just showing my age).

    Any chance of a Fuck Yeah, Rick Wakeman…or are progressive rock and “fuck yeah” pretty much mutually exclusive?

  7. I like the abstract surroundings. Any artist with a genuine sense of creativity knows that it’s best to leave certain aspects of a project to the imagination…

    But what do I know? I’m a collector of comic books. 😉

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