Kevin Geeks Out: All About Evil – 10/19 at the Alamo Drafthouse

Kevin Geeks Out: All About Evil

Kevin Geeks Out rises from the tomb with an all-new program discussing baddies of all flavors! I’ll be sharing clips of a movie too weird for the 1970s as well as some filmic fallout from the heavy metal Satanic Panic. Kevin’s crack team of terror experts also includes Clown Matt Wilson, Comedian Rusty Ward, Filmmaker Matthew Glasson and Variety Show host Tom Blunt.

For the very first time, KGO is taking over a theater at the Yonkers outpost of the Alamo Drafthouse and tickets are on sale now:

Buy tickets here.

I am told there will be boozy milkshakes and various foody things available, just in case a horror movie variety show with a cheeky comedy twist isn’t enough to lure you out to the suburbs…!

Kevin Geeks Out: All About Evil
Saturday October 19, 7:30PM
The Alamo Drafthouse
2548 Central Park West
Yonkers, New York

Watch the trailer: