Upcoming Events and a Last Hurrah for 92YTribeca

As many of you know, 92YTribeca is closing its doors this Summer, leaving New York with one less source for independent-minded film, comedy and music. What other venue would embrace screenings of both “Bratz: The Movie” and Paul Naschy’s epic “The Mummy’s Revenge?” Before 92YT vanishes, though, there are still a number of amazing events on the calendar.

I’m participating in two installments of Kevin Geeks Out:

Wrestling on Saturday March 23rd at 8pm–I’m talking lucha libre

Rip-off Cinema on Friday May 10th at 8pm–in which Turkish knock-offs are recapped

Come out, see movies, get fodder for all those awesome “I sure do miss XYZ venue that closed down/got raided by the cops/burned to the ground” stories that bore your friends while simultaneously turning them green with envy!