Occult Rock Vol. 2 – Available Now!

I’m pleased to announce that the second issue of Occult Rock Magazine is available for purchase now both in digital and print form.

Click here to buy a copy.

Inside its pages you’ll find interviews with Blood Ceremony, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats and Black Pyramid along with much, much more. The magazine is a real labor of love for everyone who works on it, and it’s a real delight for me to be involved with this project.

IN OTHER NEWS! My webcomic Super Coven is on its eighth glorious, full-color page. Once power is restored to my home in this post-Superstorm-Sandy world that I’m livin’ in, I look forward to getting back to work on drawing and painting. In the meantime, I’ve been pleasantly surprised that local businesses have been extremely generous in gifting power and wifi to a wandering spooky-person looking for a place to use¬†Photoshop¬†and write about monsters. May all those people experience wonderful things in the very near future!

Check out Super Coven here.