The Love Train Is On Hiatus

"The Young Widow II" by Alastair
“Young Widow II” – Alastair

Well, folks, I realize that I’ve got to officially announce that I’m putting the Love Train on hiatus for an indefinite period.  I truly enjoy the experience of writing here, and I’ve been fortunate to interact with so many bright, fascinating fellow weirdos in this little corner of the web.

As most of you who’ve been reading this blog probably know, my personal creative outlet is painting and drawing, and I’ve let my artwork languish for a number of years. Writing here and for the zines, blogs, and websites who’ve generously granted me space to share my thoughts has been a tremendous experience and it’s helped me keep my analytical and academic brain-parts sharp and engaged.  I’m so grateful to have that kind of outlet for my assorted ideas, opinions, and observations!

One of the hard parts about being a fan of late-60s/early-70s cinema and music is that it can feel like there’s a constant death parade of artists, directors, musicians and performers that I admire.  If there can be said to be any up-side to the loss of so many talented individuals, it’s that I’ve got an increased sense of urgency surrounding the Making Of Stuff. It’s not as if all the gifted people on Earth are dead or no longer producing good work–there’s a ton of interesting new material out there yet to be realized.

In that spirit, I’m knocking the rust off some long-term work that I’ve back-burnered, and I hope to be able to share the fruits of my labor with you guys at some future date. I suspect I won’t be able to stay away from writing about the assortment of strange material I share on here for too terribly long, but I wanted to offer an explanation for the Severely Decreased Output over the past several weeks.

Thanks for reading what I put out there, for bearing with what may seem to be mad tonal shifts and for tolerating occasional forays into crap about which you do not care. You are ladies and gentlemen of distinction, and I appreciate every one of you.